Hands-on, authentic learning experiences are proven to get students interested in STEM.

GCSC Program Features


GCSC provides leaders with resources to help them successfully host engaging, high-impact clubs at their sites, for their students. Resources include program curricula, student workbooks, family engagement materials, and volunteer recruitment & engagement tips and techniques.

Community of Practice

GCSC nurtures communities of practice around each of our programs.  Program leaders participate in professional development led by expert educators, collaborate in online communities, and debrief and celebrate program accomplishments together.   They learn from each other’s experiences, successes, and challenges.

Celebrating Student Learning

The best practice of celebrating student learning is deeply embedded in GCSC programs. All-region culminating events such as the 3d Printers Showcase and STEM Bicycle Club Celebration are hosted at the University of Cincinnati.  They celebrate student learning and successes with community members, volunteers, and families.

Signature Programs

Students design solutions to real-life problems and print them right in the classroom!

Students deep-dive into different bicycle sub-systems on bicycles they get to keep.

Girls in STEM can change the world without changing themselves!

Other Projects

In addition to the core programs offered each year, GCSC has several other projects that promote STEM learning in new and exciting ways.

In partnership with the West Point Society of Greater Cincinnati, students are immersed in a day of hands-on learning in programmable circuitry and exposed to inspirational college-aged role models.

An outside-of-school club that turns math learning into a fun and engaging game. Designed to change student attitudes toward math, improve students’ math proficiency, and increase student confidence in math.

Students learn how to create sustainable gardens while exploring math and life science concepts through experiments and design challenges. The 4th grade standards-aligned curriculum can be used during the school day, after school, and in summer camps. A second curriculum is under development in southeast Indiana.