STEM jobs are growing three times as fast as non-STEM jobs and 85% of 2030’s jobs are not yet invented. However, business leaders cannot find the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) talent they need to stay competitive.
GCSC collaborates with a wide variety of partners to prepare students for future success. Engaging STEM learning experiences build students skills. These experiences also build student confidence and expose them to additional STEM learning and future careers opportunities.

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Our Programs

GCSC helps prepare K-12 students for their futures by collaborating with partners across the community to create and promote hands-on, authentic STEM learning experiences. Our resources are primarily invested in students under-represented in STEM.

Students design solutions to real-life problems and print them right in the classroom!

Students deep-dive into different sub-systems of bicycles they get to keep.

Girls in STEM can change the world without changing themselves!

Our Key Supporters

Sponsors provide vital funds, in-kind support, and connections that maximize GCSC’s reach and impact. They also provide experience-based guidance and diverse perspectives that guide our strategies and work.