Families have a tremendous amount of influence on a student’s interests and views about learning. When families are more involved and active, students are more interested in learning, are more confident, participate more, and perform better in school. When getting a student involved and interested in STEM, it is important to harness their natural curiosity and provide them with opportunities that support their interests. 

Use this page as a resource to start playing a starring role in your child’s STEM story.

What is STEM?

STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into cohesive lessons and learning experiences. STEM education uses real-world problems to teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on activities that feeds children’s natural curiosity.


STEM is everywhere and shapes our daily lives. We’re experiencing STEM when we are walking in nature, flying a drone, or doing anything in-between.

STEM education helps children understand the world around them. It prepares them for an ever-increasing technological world by improving science and technology literacy. It prepares them to be (y)our next generation of problem solvers and innovators.

How You Can Introduce STEM Into Your Family

There are many resources online and in the Greater Cincinnati region that can help families introduce STEM to children or further increase their interest in it. Below is a compilation of some of these resources.

Online STEM Apps & Resources

There are tons of online STEM resources and at times it can be overwhelming. Here’s some of our favorite online resources or try looking for ones with your child’s specific interests.

Ask Dr. Universe
Bedtime Math
Discover Engineering
NASA For Students
Scratch Jr. Coding
Tynker Coding

Science Centered Institutions

With exhibits, programs, and / or resources for people of all ages, these institutions are great places that expose children to the many different sides of STEM.

Cincinnati Museum Center
Cincinnati Observatory

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati

Newport Aquarium
Northern Kentucky University CINSAM

Libraries and Maker Spaces

Did you know many libraries have STEM programming or makerspaces (places where creative people can gather, create, invent, and learn)? Library websites offer information on events they host and what / how you can create in their makerspaces.

Boone County Library
Public Library of Cincinnati
Maker Space at Cincinnati Main Library
Northern Kentucky Makerspace
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
STREAM Center at Erlanger – Kenton County Public Library

Family STEM Cards

In 2019 GCSC developed a deck of Family Engagement STEM Cards to help families use household materials to engage in STEM learning at home. You can access these cards (plus!) through our resource page.