3d Printers Club

Utilizes 21st century technology to immerse students in the engineering and design process in a hands-on, engaging way. Over the course of 10 weeks students become familiar with computer aided design technologies and follow curricula that reinforce math and science principles taught during the school day. They are exposed to STEM career possibilities through volunteer coaches and mentors. Each annual club season culminates with the 3d Printers Showcase hosted at the University of Cincinnati. Students show off their designs, meet students from other clubs, and engage with business and community partners “exhibitors” who illuminate additional STEM learning and career opportunities .


49 Printers Club across Greater Cincinnati in 2018-2019

600 Rolls of printing material used

$252,000 in generous contributions from donors

7640 volunteers from community partners

1700 students and club leaders

51000 hours students spent using printing software

*2014-2019 CUMULATIVE



Students become inventors by choosing a problem they see in the world and designing an invention that solves it.

3d Grand Prix

Students learn about Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion and design a vehicle that demonstrates these laws and is suitable for racing.

Cleverly Contrived Contraptions

Students embrace the spirit of cartoonist Rube Goldberg and create a partially 3D printed, complex contraption to complete a simple task.

Our work in numbers

Percentage of Students that Agreed or Strongly agreed:

Percentage of Leaders that Agreed of Strongly agreed:

On a Scale from 1-10 Club Leaders (Teachers)

Learned about designing and making


Improved their technology skills


Students are more confident in their abilities


Students are more  interested in STEM


Found the club valuable for their school


Would like to lead the club next year


3d Printers Club Testimonials

Tinkercad helped me realize how much I can create things. I never knew what a fast learner I am. Tinkercad helped a lot; one of the things is that you can see your design in 3D.

3d Printers Club Student

During this club, all the students were excited to make 3D printed items. They went all in and just tried to figure out how to build the car that was in their minds. They also thought about how to change and fix their structures each week.

Woodford Paideia

Elementary School Club Leader

Students were able to use the CAD systems in creative ways and learned how to upload and share their designs across multiple platforms.

Academy of World Languages Club Leader

Key Supporters

In addition to our overall sponsors, specific 3d Printers Club sponsors allow us to provide the necessary materials, resources and funds.

Individual Donors

Individual Schools/Districts/Partners

P&G Latino/ Hispanic Affinity Group