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Students design solutions to real-life problems and print them right in the classrooms!

Loving 3d Printing

The GCSC 3d Printers Club is a “heads on, hands on” project; it uses an exciting, hot new technology to engage middle school students . . . .3D printers! In the after school environment students design their very own 3D objects. The GCSC 3d Printers Club curriculum reinforces math and science principles taught during the school day. Through the involvement of volunteer coaches and STEM professionals who use 3D printing in the workplace, the club also exposes students to STEM career possibilities. 3D Printers Clubs are supported by P&G, the University of Cincinnati College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH), the University of Cincinnati Research Institute (ucri), National Science Foundation (NSF grant # DRL1019672), and other partners across the Greater Cincinnati region.

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