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Why Support GCSC

STEM is necessary to navigate today’s world.  STEM is everywhere, shaping our everyday experiences.  Science is in nature, Technology in our phones, Engineering in our cars and Math in everything.  We are a technology driven society and those with STEM skills can negotiate challenges, have a higher quality of life and stronger earning potential.

Children and students have natural curiosity.  STEM is fun and rewarding when students are engaged in hands-on and relevant activities.  GCSC is committed to creating and promoting these experiences for students.  Students learn they can do STEM and that it is fun!

STEM opens doors to some of the most meaningful work and the best career options.  STEM is where our region’s jobs are with a growth rate that is more than twice that of non-STEM occupations.  Plus STEM jobs pay an average of 70% more.  Our region has about 30,000 unfilled STEM jobs.  Growing our local talent to fill these roles is key to our region’s competitiveness and economy.

STEM careers are truly “helping” professions.  STEM professionals solve complex problems like those in medicine, the environment, the economy, and create new technologies that make our lives richer.

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How You Can Help:

  1. Learn more about the importance of STEM for students and our community. The better we all understand the importance of STEM, the better we are advocating effectively within our families, schools and community.
  2. Volunteer for one of our projects. There are many opportunities ranging from mentoring a student to assisting in project management. Whatever your interests and talents, we can match you with a need.  Our volunteers report how rewarding it is to work with our students.

    “It is so much fun to work with the students and watch them get excited about what they are learning.” Dave Goldberg, STEM Bicycle Club Bicycle Expert and Coach, GE Aviation

  3. Help fund the work of the GCSC.  Your dollars go directly to support for our programs.  For example, $700 buys a 3-D printer, $130 buys a bicycle and tools for the STEM Bicycle Club, and $10 covers snacks and supplies for 1 student for the duration of the program.  Your entire donation is tax deductible.  Clear here to donate through GCSC’s Fiscal Agent, the University of Cincinnati Foundation.

Join These Key Partners & Supporters

 “Professionals in the fields of STEM are critical to grow future innovation leaders at P&G – who create new products that touch and improve lives around the world. We are collaborating nationally and locally to impact STEM Education and support proven programs that inspire students into these fields, including offering internships, co-ops, and other experiences to provide exposure on potential career opportunities” – Uday Sheth, Retired, Director, Procter & Gamble R&D, GCSC Advisory Board Chair