It’s Electrifying

Students tackle hands-on projects, after learning about energy and power!

It's Electrifying Hovercraft

In summer 2014 the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative (GCSC) and Cincinnati State, with financial support from the Grainger Foundation launched It’s Electrifying. This project uses the subjects of energy and power coupled with hands-on, problem-based challenges to energize students and stimulate their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning.

In summer 2015  Cincinnati State continued the project, again with financial support from the Grainger Foundation.  In two, week-long summer camps students from King Academy and Aiken High School worked in teams to design and test hovercrafts.  Project success criteria included:  1) learn about creating a student-engaging STEM education pathway from middle school to high school to college, 2) strong cognitive effect on students (increased student STEM knowledge and skills and critical skills such as problem solving and collaboration), 3) improve student attitudes toward and interest in STEM education and careers, by making STEM exciting, 4) increase teacher understanding of STEM career and workforce opportunities and needs, and 5) demonstrate effective models for partnerships between businesses, educators, and other community organizations