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Civic Garden Center Green Learning Team

Students delved into the STEM ideas behind the urban environmental solutions demonstrated at the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati’s Green Learning Station.


The Green Learning Team was an opportunity for 25 11th and 12th graders from Princeton High School and Hughes STEM High School to delve into the science, technology, engineering and math behind the urban environmental solutions demonstrated at the Green Learning Station. Students explored the technical details behind the Green Learning Station’s sustainable demonstrations and the education and career paths related to them.  Each gathering will focus on a distinct theme presented through hands-on activities by a local expert: engineers from the Metropolitan Sewer District, University of Cincinnati students who developed the Green Learning Station sensor network, local farmers and composters, and architects.

The Green Learning Station continues as an important environmentally-focused STEM learning place and the learning team has evolved into the Green Girls in STEM Program.

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IBM e-Mentoring

Volunteers provide students with online academic guidance and career counseling, while letting them know that adults care about their issues and concerns.


This project created and nurtured technology-enabled mentoring relationships between IBM employees and “at-risk” students from Deer Park Junior / Senior High School.  For two years IBM mentors guided the students through an online eMentoring curriculum designed to increase students’ self-awareness, confidence, and interest in STEM career fields.



STEM Bicycle Club


The GCSC STEM Bicycle Club is a “heads on, hands on” project that engages middle school students for 10 weeks in the after-school environment. Students break down and re-assemble bicycles they get to keep. The STEM Bicycle Club builds student confidence and problem solving skills while reinforcing and bringing relevance to math and science principles taught during the school day. Through the involvement of community mentors and coaches, the club also exposes students to STEM career possibilities.  

6th Annual STEM Bicycle Club Event at University of Cincinnati with 16 school programs throughout the greater Cincinnati area. © Malinda Hartong, Hartong Digital Media

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shared2Dave Huff Riding Foward“My time at Ockerman Middle was an amazing experience.  Coming into the STEM Bicycle Club as the ‘bicycle professional’ I was very excited to get to work with the students and teach them about not only bike maintenance, but the engineering associated with making them work.I think the most inspiring aspect for me was seeing all 16 students engaged in the program and wanting to learn more.  Watching them go from virtually no tool or mechanical knowledge on week 1, to successfully solving issues with their bikes on Week 10 during the test rides was awesome.  I can’t wait to do it again.”Dave Huff, Executive Director at Riding Forward and Ockerman Middle School Volunteer Bicycle Expert, Spring, 2015

working on their bike 2“The skill-building and mentorship the STEM Bicycle Club provides builds the students’ confidence and inspires them to pursue challenging high school curriculum, higher education and careers. They’re learning that STEM careers are really within their reach and their possibilities are endless,” Dr. Kathie Maynard, Assistant Dean for Innovations and Community Partnerships, University of Cincinnati, and GCSC Convener


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Ford Retiree Volunteers at the Goshen Middle School STEM Bicycle Club

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Campbell students learn by building bicycles

Campbell students learn by building bicycles (Alexandria Recorder)

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STEM Bicycle Club Twitter Feed (1 of 2)

STEM Bicycle Club Twitter Feed (2 of 2)

3D Printers Club old

Students design solutions to real-life problems and print them right in the classrooms!

Loving 3d Printing

The GCSC 3d Printers Club is a “heads on, hands on” project; it uses an exciting, hot new technology to engage middle school students . . . .3D printers! In the after school environment students design their very own 3D objects. The GCSC 3d Printers Club curriculum reinforces math and science principles taught during the school day. Through the involvement of volunteer coaches and STEM professionals who use 3D printing in the workplace, the club also exposes students to STEM career possibilities. 3D Printers Clubs are supported by P&G, the University of Cincinnati College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH), the University of Cincinnati Research Institute (ucri), National Science Foundation (NSF grant # DRL1019672), and other partners across the Greater Cincinnati region.

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3d Printers Club

3d Printers Club 

Students design and produce solutions to real problems using 3D printers in a 10-week “after-school, at school” program that includes volunteer STEM professional coaches.  Clubs build students confidence, problem-solving & technical skills, and awareness of STEM career opportunities.

STEM Bicycle Club

STEM Bicycle Club

Over a 10-week period after school students engage in a hands on, reverse engineering process with STEM mentors.  They gain making & building skills and confidence as they make micro-adjustments to a new bicycle they get to keep.