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Math Project – Introduction

Video:  Math Project Prototype

Vision:  Math-Enriched STEM Pipeline

Report:  Math Project Prototype

Math ACT PREP – Introduction
The following videos will prepare students for the math section of the ACT. There are 4 videos around 30 minutes each. They are free for student, teacher and parent use through the generosity of Ms. Martha Geller, who conducts the training. She is a gifted and entertaining educator who is passionate about helping our area youth do well on the ACT. The training shares key math concepts and test taking tips. For those who fully engage with the training, experience has shown meaningful improvement in ACT math scores. We wish test takers the best of luck but more importantly as Ms. Geller would say: “Practice, practice, practice” as luck goes to the prepared.


ACT Prep Part 1

ACT Prep Part 2

ACT Prep Part 3

ACT Prep Part 4

Resource Documents

Preparing for the ACT

You Must Memorize These!

“Gellerisms” on the ACT Mathematics Section

Time Savers

Found in Translation

Sample Student ACT Report


This video could not be possible without the very generous donation of time and expertise from Ms. Geller who conducted the training, Mr. J. P. Leong (University of Cincinnati videographer), Melisse May (Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative), and Ms. Shawn Wood (Covington School District who performed the video editing).

Also a thank you to our funders: StrivePartnership, the University of Cincinnati, and the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative.

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