Mandates and Beliefs

GCSC Mandate:  Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) is Our Collective Future

  1. Every student is excited and motivated to engage in STEM education. All student learners are able to build relevant knowledge and skills that enhance their quality of life and prepare them for the option of a STEM career.
  2. Every educator is passionate, knowledgeable and connected with stakeholders to facilitate an environment that engages & connects students to real world STEM problems and learning opportunities.
  3. Every appropriate business/industry sees how deep engagement with STEM education helps meet their business and social impact goals. Every school has at least one business or community partner to provide and encourage access to engaging STEM experiences for students.
  4. Every school/school district will provide effective STEM learning opportunities and authentic experiences through systemic changes that include collaborative business partnerships. These partnerships will enhance learning, build students’ knowledge and skills and career readiness.
  5. Every parent has access to information and seeks out resources on STEM skills and careers to help support their child’s STEM career exploration and pathway.
  6. Every community member is aware of the critical importance of STEM education and careers. Community members and organizations partner in supporting STEM education through collaboration and outreach.
  7. Our region is thriving and well supported with top quality STEM talent, and as a result is creating & attracting new industries. Families connected to STEM education pathways and subsequent careers are thriving and improving the quality of life at home and for our local economy.

“STEM is a major key to future success for our students, for the future of our entire region, indeed for the future of the nation.  All of us play a critical role in ensuring that success.”  -Dr. Jenkins.

We Believe


  1. Developing an understanding, curiosity, and sense of awe about how the world works.
  2. A methodology that enhances critical thinking & problem solving as essential life skills.
  3. Enabling all students to succeed in today’s world and preparing the designers and architects of tomorrow.
  4. A career pathway that is inclusive, in demand, and offers opportunity and possibility-filled futures.

Students are

  1. Building and enriching STEM skills & career prospects with a supportive, diverse community by design.
  2. Engaged by STEM as fun, relevant & interesting when coupled with authentic, real-life learning experiences.
  3. Motivated, tenacious & more likely to become life-long learners with ongoing STEM experiences.
  4. High achieving when given rigorous challenges and empowered to contribute to their communities.

Stakeholders are

  1. Educators & parents who are passionate about what’s best for students.
  2. Business & industry partners that are often the best sources for relevant, real-world learning experiences.
  3. Community organizations & agencies that provide rich learning opportunities, as STEM is so ubiquitous.
  4. In need of specific tools, training and a connected ecosystem of support to improve student outcomes.

Greater Cincinnati recognizes

  1. STEM education reaches a diverse ecosystem and so demands a collaborative, integrated systemic solution.
  2. Working together to educate students & enhance the lives of future generations is a common goal.
  3. The potential of GCSC to facilitate collaboration is based on passion, experience and expertise.
  4. We are all creators, artists, designers, and thinkers; fueled by passion; guided by research & inquiry.