3d Printers Club

Students design solutions to real-life problems and print them right in the classroom!

The GCSC 3d Printers Club is a “heads on, hands on” project; it uses an exciting, hot new technology to engage middle school students . . . .3D printers! After school, at school students design their very own 3D objects. The GCSC 3d Printers Club curriculum reinforces math and science principles taught during the school day. Through the involvement of volunteer coaches and STEM professionals who use 3D printing in the workplace, the club also exposes students to STEM career possibilities.

2019-2020 3d Printers Clubs and STEM Bicycle Clubs

2018-2019 Impact Brief

Bethel-Tate Student Reporters’ Coverage of the 3d Printers Showcase

University of Cincinnati Coverage of the 2019 3d Printers Showcase (scroll to 2nd article)

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2019 3d Printers Showcase – GCSC Summary

Video featuring the Bond Hill Academy 3d Printers Club

2018-2019 3d Printers Clubs Map (they’re all over the region!)

“Learning to Create” 3d Printers Club Video 

2018 3d Printers Showcase – Part II

2018 3d Printers Showcase – Part I

Student Project

See Hyde Park School 3d Printers Club here


3d Printers Club Spotlights

GE Additive Video “Leveling the Printing Field” featuring  Cincinnati Public Schools (Hyde Park School) teacher Jessica Hughes and her students

3-D Printing Club Teaching Innovation

STEM Clubs Set Students on Path for Lucrative Careers

STEM Clubs set students on path for lucrative careers

Thanks to Best Buy and UC CECH for Fueling Local Economy

2016 Best Buy Awards GCSC grant to continue operations of local 3D Printer Clubs 

Holmes Middle School (Covington) 3d Printers Club

Educational Enthusiasm STEMming from the Third Dimension

Awesome pictures from the Corryville Catholic 3d Printers Club (UC Students volunteered here!)

Women of United Way of Greater Cincinnati at South Avondale 3d Printers Club

2015 Soapbox Media Article Covering the 3d Printers Club

River City News Article about the 3d Printers Club