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Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

Students designed and presented their micro-gravity experiment proposals at the Cincinnati Museum Center, to experienced scientists.


Teams from 9 CPS schools designed micro-gravity experiments to be conducted in space. Students presented their experiment proposals at the Cincinnati Museum Center, to experienced scientists.  Three experiments were selected for further evaluation by the national SSEP committee.  One of these experiments was selected to fly aboard the International Space Station in Spring!



Lunar Research Base

Students were given the opportunity to become a scientist/astronaut and learn how light plays a role in space exploration.


The LRB Project was an immersive simulation using an inquiry-based learning approach that fostered team building and introduced Fairfield Intermediate 5th grade students to STEM careers.    Participants discovered the critical role light plays in space exploration and investigated properties of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The project included a simulated space mission (iMISSION) in which students immersed into the role of an astronaut or space scientist and challenged to apply STEM skills in a fun, unique, and challenging way.



Green Learning Team

Students delved into the STEM ideas behind the urban environmental solutions demonstrated at the Civic Garden Center’s Green Learning Station.


The Green Learning Team is an opportunity for 25 11th and 12th graders from Princeton High School and Hughes STEM High School to delve into the science, technology, engineering and math behind the urban environmental solutions demonstrated at the Green Learning Station. Students explored the technical details behind the Green Learning Station’s sustainable demonstrations and the education and career paths related to them.  Each gathering will focus on a distinct theme presented through hands-on activities by a local expert: engineers from the Metropolitan Sewer District, University of Cincinnati students who developed the Green Learning Station sensor network, local farmers and composters, and architects.

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Volunteers provide students with online academic guidance and career counseling, while letting them know that adults care about their issues and concerns.


This project created and nurtured technology-enabled mentoring relationships between IBM employees and “at-risk” students from Deer Park Junior / Senior High School.  IBM mentors guided the students through an online eMentoring curriculum designed to increase students’ self-awareness, confidence, and interest in STEM career fields.